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Many developing countries face daunting challenges if the scourges of poverty, disease, and illiteracy are to be conquered. Progress against poverty is achievable, as the experiences of many countries have shown, but they cannot go it alone. Growth and poverty reduction will come only through an international partnership that turns promises into progress and your pledges into action.

Traditions & Hope

Traditions & Hope is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with headquarters near Chicago, Illinois, that delivers medical, agricultural and educational supplies, infrastructure and training to individuals in developing communities who lack these essentials for sustainable development.

What We Do

Traditions & Hope helps communities in need to move past short-term assistance into becoming self-sufficient. Specific seasonal projects funded by donors to Traditions & Hope help these communities to reach goals which support sustainable development.

Our Goals

Traditions & Hope is focused on creating and maintaining global partnerships and collaborations for developing desperately needed programs of action. These vital programs include the acquisition of supplies; building infrastructure; providing training and using sustainable development strategies.

The Focuses of Traditions & Hope


Traditions and Hope aims to contribute medical equipment and accessories to Health Centers and clinics in underdeveloped areas. These supplies can include: blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, thermometers, dressing supplies, and disinfection products.


Often times brilliant children in still developing nations are not given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Through scholarships and donations of educational materials, Traditions and Hope wants to give students the means to succeed through general education and basic life skills.


Through community-driven efforts, Traditions and Hope works to provide fresh produce to areas in need, whether local or international. We utilize both Community Garden Pots and Greenhouse Facilities to grow a wide variety of produce that is then donated to local food pantries and surrounding communities.


Traditions and Hope works with communities in countries such as Ghana, the Maldives, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other countries to build stronger and more resilient communities. We want community members to come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.

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Traditions & Hope News

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In a recent working visit to Ghana, Mr. Eugene M Chase Jr., a Bryon, Illinois resident, businessman, and Chairman of the Board for Traditions and Hope USA met with Dr. Yaw Nyadu Offei. Dr. Offei is th...

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Projects and Events: Autumn

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Projects and Events: Summer

Traditions and Hope staff have had a busy season this summer. We picked up our first donated tractor in May. Our board and some of our staff traveled to Ghana. That trip took us through the Central, W...

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